Special Anti-Smoke Tea

About Abez-Waipa

Abez waipa a product of abezone farm, it is a Special formulated anti-smoke tea. A fine natural blend for promoting a healthier heart and fresher lungs for smokers and passive smokers.

The special anti-smoke tea was produced with pure natural ingredients to help both smokers and passive smokers get rid of the possible effects of smoking (shisha, marijuana, cigarettes) and inhaling toxins that are not conducive in our world.



Our average customer rating is 4.8 / 5
i have been a smoker for the past 6 years and lately i began to experience some difficulty in breathing. I met my doctor and told him about it. He checked me and told me my lungs are dirty. Then he recommended this product to me specially and I'm happy to say after 2 weeks of taking this tea, my breathing is perfect now.
Benita Oluwasegun
Since i work in a CONSTRUCTON company for 10 years, i started experiencing heaviness in my chest area and it was a nightmare for me. After i consulted the company doctor and did some check ups, he discovered that my lungs are dirty. I came across this product on INSTAGRAM decided to give a try and it turned out to be my saviour
Deji Williams

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